How to Choose Water Heater for Your Apartment?

By Zidni A Apriya

Last weekend my company held an outing in a mountain resort. This mountain resort has several guest houses with two story building, garden and bath tub with water heater. This weekend, I tried to search any information about water heater for my home. In this cold weather, I could use some hot water for shower in the late night after working all day.

Some information in water heater in US market that might useful for customer. Most of the water heaters sell in North America are of the tank type, these consist of a cylindrical vessel/container in which water is kept continuously hot and ready for use. Typical sizes for household use range from 75 to 400 litres (20 to 100 U.S. gallons). Do not forget to consider the installation cost for the water heater it self, in San Diego (US) for installation is cost for about 200 USD.

Common categorization on water heater type is based on their supply of power which is solar, electric and gas. Solar type needs sunlight for their power supply and energy source. Solar power suitable for home in tropical country with sunlight available the whole year. Among other type of heater, solar power type is the most expensive one with price starts from $500.

Electric type use new adopted technology to make the electricity consumption less than the old electric heater. Another type of electric type use environmental technology and no longer uses Freon or CFC, power consumption for this electric type starts from 1500 watt to 5000 watt. Electric water heater offers the cheapest price for water heater in the market and widely used in the world.

The last type is gas water heater. Gas type is popular in US, Japan and Europe. Most of Europe country rely their gas supply from Russia, while Japan and US uses gas from Indonesia and Middle East. Over all the operational cost for gas type water heater is the cheapest among others. - 29857

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