Specific Functions and Features of Table and Floor Lamps

By John Knight

The modern table and floor lamps are essential lighting fixtures which feature ornamental designs and several matching shades with unique styles which make them into excellent home dcors. These are necessary in some parts of your house for ease and convenience especially at nighttime. These lighting fixtures can surely transform the appearance of a room without the need to change any of its color or layout.

These table and floor lamps combination are available in sets of different sizes and shapes with lamp shades to match with pieces of furniture or furnishings. A unique effect of brightness is being cast by these lights. While the table lamp is for a particular task and the reason why it is placed on your desk or table, the floor lamp provides the special illumination for your flooring either to emphasize your floor design or to provide light for convenience.

The combination offers multiple functions of both giving off brightness and adding accent to your home as well as to give complement to your existing home decorations. These lights are very applicable to a living space or a bedroom setting. These are generally under the category of task lighting due to their specific purpose.

The torchiere is very suitable for smaller space where multiple light fictions are needed. The table and floor lamps can greatly enhance the ambiance you wish to project in your room. The torchiere functions as both table and floor lamps designed into one because of its structure and designed unit. The features of a torchiere works both ways: for floor lighting and table area light casting since the bulbs of this lighting fixture can be directed to different directions.

These models can also allow you to adjust the light setting for your mood. You can find a vast selection of lights on some websites especially for your needs. There are decorative lighting fixtures with dimmers which are designed for power-saving consumption for both table and floor lamps - 29857

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