Roofing Maintenance Tips For The Winter

By Scott Rodgers

A roof's longevity and its ability to remain waterproof will be increased if it is properly maintained. Measure and inspect the surface to make a list of required minor repairs. It may be necessary to add some repair compound around any openings, such as the chimney.

Grouping together of snow has some important impacts on how a homes roof performs or does not perform during the period of winter. The ice dams which are left unattended will cause leaks and thus the repair comes to be costly. Materials, pitch, drainage paths and orientation are some of the main components in understanding how the roof will perform, but these parameters may be restricted by the desired artistic plan.

The roofing shingles can be damaged by heavy snow and ice. These heavy snow and ice cause damage and deformation to the rafters and trusses. It just adds some extra dollars to your rising bill. The only possible way where your roof will not gather ice and heavy snow is by fixing an attic ventilation system.

Attic ventilation systems allows your attic to circulate air; moving air in and out of your attic will ensure less build up of ice and snow on your roof. Attic ventilation systems have also been proven to save a homeowner at least 30% on energy bills.

Another danger that usually creates confusion on roofs during the winter season is the gutter systems. These gutter systems generally get congested with branches, leaves, and similar kind of debris. You will reap a good fruit if you inspect and clean your gutters before roof, though it is considered to be a boring work.

Always ensure that the water has a proper route to pass on through your gutters and downspouts will let you feel relaxed that leaks will not occur, else rain water and melting snow will stand on roofs.

There are also times when the improperly fastened gutters may cause overflow and build up, there by the result is that the inside walls may become damaged from leaking water, and hence a homeowner may also need to check the fasteners on their gutters. The fastener from one gutter piece to the next is safe, and make sure that the gutters which are attached to your house are rigid and protected.

Apart from inspecting your roof and making it ready for the winter, do not forget to check the outside doors and windows. - 29857

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