Bathroom Lighting - How to Choose the Best Lighting For Your Bathroom

By Duncan Munday

Lighting in the home is an exciting thing to install, bathroom lighting though poses some further issues that i will try to help address with this article. Bathroom lighting needs to be dual purpose at the end of a long day you do not want to blasted with a strong light, a soft ambient light is what you require to ensure complete relaxation, but, on the flip side of this the light in your bathroom needs to be good enough to make the daily cleaning and preening ritual easy to see and do.

There are a lot of bathrooms out there that just have a single central light fitting but there is so much more that you can do with a bathroom lighting scheme, with wall lights, mirror lights, illuminated mirrors and shaver lights.

The bathroom ceiling light is probably the simplist and quickest of improvements you can make to your bathroom lighting scheme manufacturers have seen in recent times that the bathroom lighting market was somewhat lacking in style and have decided to fill the gap with a huge array of superb contemporary and tradtional bathroom ceiling light designs.

Lets take a look at some of the other bathroom lighting options and how you can best use them in your bathroom.

Downlights in the bathroom offer a different dimension on a bathroom lighting scheme, these lights look great giving your bathroom lighting a real contemporary warm feel. Bathroom downlights do have certain disadvantages in that they will require a fair amount of work cutting holes in the ceiling and getting the wiring to each individual light but believe me the end result is well worth the effort.

Bathroom wall lights are something that are used widely in other areas of the home but often not considered for the bathroom lighting scheme. Bathroom wall lights offer lighting for the bathroom tasks but also add some interest to the bathroom walls. Be warned though that to comply with electrical regulations you should only use wall lights that have been deemed suitable for use in a bathroom.

The central focus of a bathroom is often the mirror it is certainly one of the most used items. A well light bathroom mirror makes those daily grooming chores considerably easier. There are a number of options that will enhance the lighting in and around the mirror area, these include mirror lights, shaver lights and illuminated bathroom mirrors. These will all aid good bathroom mirror illumination the only restriciton is your budget.

All of the bathroom light fittings I have talked about above must be suitable for use in either zones 1,2 or 3 of the bathroom otherwise you may put you and your family at risk of serious injury with electric shocks, I know it's a basic thing to remember but water and electricity do not mix! - 29857

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