Custom Closet Organizers in Miami FL: Create Your Dream Space

By Chad Smith

Closets are designed to provide extra storage space in a home while adding to the overall dcor. While closet designers do their utmost to try and accommodate all storage needs into a mass-produced closet design, the truth is that any closet you buy could a few customizations to fulfill your storage needs.

With the common availability of closet organizer systems in the market today, customizing your closet's storage space is as easy as picking out a closet organizer design that fits your needs.

Do you find your accessories less accessible? If you have problem keeping your shoes, hats, belts, umbrellas, bags and files (if of course you bring them home) at an accessible length then get a closet organizer. It will not only make your things accessible but also make tidiness available to you.

Smaller items such as pens, pencils, paints, and paintbrushes as well as supplies often pose a challenge for organizational systems. Having a series of small drawers is helpful for these kinds of items. You can fill them with spools, wooden shapes, die cuts and other items and keep everything separated. When you are ready to use them, you can pull the entire drawer out. For larger drawers, be sure to have moveable dividers.

Specialty drawers such as pull out workspaces are a convenient necessity for custom closets. They are great for holding your supplies while you're working, or have them on the end of a countertop to make it easy to work with larger projects.

You can do away with the old single bar that spans the width of your closet and get a multi-bar unit that caters to long clothes on one side and multi-levels of short clothes on the other. Boring shelves can be replaced with sliding shelves to allow you to stack clothing to the depth of your closet and still be accessible.

For ribbon and rolls of paper, custom closets can have an area with lengths of dowel to feed them onto. If you keep the paper towards the work surface, you can inlay a measuring stick and use it to measure out what you need or use the edge of the countertop to tear it off. Have holes routed in the top to sink cups into. You can keep pencils, scissors, paperclips, and other small items in them while keeping them out of the way.

A closet organizer is needed not only by a disorganized person but is also required by a person who has no time to organize his closet. So folks, to save that precious time of yours get a closet organizer. Your bedroom can gain tidier look and its pristine looks adds to the beauty of your bedroom. So get smart and get a closet organizer. - 29857

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