Indoor Solar Lights

By Steve Schafer

How much do you know about solar lighting? Most people don't realize that it can be used both indoors and out. While many of us may not have considered using solar power to provide indoor lighting, it is becoming a growing trend world wide. It is a great way to save both money and energy.

Did you know that solar power use dates back to over 2,600 years ago? Even still, indoor solar lighting technology is fairly new. It is, however becoming more and more frequently used in the U.S. to bring light to small structures such as park restrooms, service sheds, utility structures and others. These are locations far from established grids where conventional power sources would be cumbersome and expensive to run. There are even some commercial buildings that have begun utilizing indoor solar lighting, and the trend is growing in popularity.

Currently most industrial indoor solar lighting is a combination of solar powered lighting and light tube technology. Light tube and solar powered lighting are being used in areas like prisons and other security sensitive applications. The ability of light tubes to be of a small diameter while still transferring significant amounts of natural light indoors makes them ideal in these types of situations. When combined with backup solar powered lighting this hybrid system becomes the most effective and efficient lighting alternative available.

Lighting for your shed, your garage, or gazebo are but a few of the uses for indoor solar lights. They can even be used inside your home. One great benefit is that you don't need to worry about a source of electricity. In addition to that, there is no need to worry about replacing bulbs or the power going out. All you need is direct sunlight to your panel. Indoor solar lights require almost no maintenance and are very simple to install.

Many of us have buildings like garages and sheds that are far away from an electrical source making it difficult and expensive to provide a source of power. Indoor solar lighting can easily solve that dilemma and is very cost effective. You can also use products like solar skylights and track lights in your home.

It is no wonder that that indoor solar lighting is becoming so popular, with all of the different options that are becoming available. Check out your local home improvement store and you will likely find plenty of styles of these eco-friendly lighting products. It is truly exciting to see how rapidly the science is developing with nanoparticle research and solar ink technology, making it cheaper and easier for everyone to go solar. The great thing about using indoor solar lights is that you get to save money and help the environment! - 29857

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