Custom Closet Organizers in Miami FL: The Newest Trends

By Ahtyba Gage

When you do a Google search, you will yield millions of links to closet organizers. There are even some online companies that will allow you to design your own closet organizer on their web site.

If this describes the closets in your home, that you should look into custom closet organizers .They come in many styles and are made from various materials including plastic and wood. This is a great way to divide your closet into sections, making a space for each item. You will love being able to open up your closet and see everything neatly arranged and very simple to find.

The first order of business is to take everything out of your closet! I know this can seem overwhelming at first but it is necessary. Go through each item and place it in a pile depending on how you want things to be organized. Some people choose to organize their closet by colors of the clothing; others do it by the style of the clothing with piles for blouses, skirts, sweaters, etc. Pick a system that is going to work well for you. Once you have all of your piles in place you can start allocating closet space to meet those needs.

Certain types of closet organizers are recommended for different rooms. In the bathroom, a plastic closet organizer is needed because the plastic resists mold and mildew that the constant moisture of the shower produces.

You may have space between studs to add recessed shelves, which look really nice and add a lot of storage without using any space. Measure out the space between the studs, mark it off with a ruler, then remove the drywall using a steak knife or drywall knife.

Shoes are a common issue when it comes to closet organization. Install a shoe rack or even a wooden shoe storage box that attaches to the inside door of your closet. These are great ways to get your shoes together without taking up a great deal of space. It will also ensure you are able to find the shoes you want quickly on any given day.

Install the larger shelves in your closet. You can easily attach rails fro drawers underneath the shelves and use almost no room. You can buy drawers that are already built or build them yourself. An interesting drawer pull will make your closet unique. Drawer organizers can make a perfect place to store rolled ties, jewelry and more. You can even install a child lock on the drawer if you need to store valuables or dangerous items. A magnetic entry child lock cannot be seen from the outside or opened by an adult without the magnet entry key.

Custom closet organization may seem overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into small tasks it will be easier. The time it takes you to complete the transformation will be a very worthwhile investment. You will save time each day as you go to your closet and find everything in its place. Who knows, you might even create enough extra space that you have an excuse to go on a shopping spree! - 29857

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