Hydroponic Strawberries

By Charles Jackson

Have you ever considered growing your own hydroponic strawberries? They are delicious and you can make some serious money from them!

Below is a list of the benefits of growing hydroponic strawberries as opposed to traditional soil grown strawberries.

1. No matter where you live you can grow hydroponic strawberries. There is no need to have a garden! So even if you live in a crowded city centre apartment block then you can still grow them.

2. Because you're not using soil, no soil borne diseases will be passed onto the strawberries. This immediately solves a huge problem that many gardeners face.

3. There will be no need to eliminate any soil loving pests! So you will have no need to use any expensive or controversial pesticides.

4. Once the setup costs are complete, running costs are estimated to be at least 20% lower than with traditional soil based gardening.

5. You will be able to grow more hydroponic strawberries in a smaller area, this is due to the decreased root size as they don't need to spread out to find nutrients. Consequently your growing trays can fit in more plants.

6. Maintenance time is greatly reduced from as soon as your system is set up. There is no need to water your strawberries as they will already have access to all the nutrients. There is also no weeding involved as there is no soil. All you really need to do is pick the strawberries as and when they're ready.

7. The yield is year round. You control the growing conditions and you will have them set to the strawberries optimum levels so that they will continue to produce without a break due to the seasons.

8. You can grow hydroponic strawberries anywhere you like; window ledge, rooftop, cellar, garden, greenhouse, corridor or in your bedroom.

9. Hydroponic strawberries grow on average 40% bigger than their soil grown counterparts. This is because they have permanent access to all the nutrients they need and you have created the ideal growing environment for them! - 29857

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