Organic Fertilizer Is Saving Our Planet, One Lawn And Garden At A Time

By Tina Hull

Our lawns and gardens are craving something natural to help them thrive, the way nature intended. Fish emulsion has been a prime organic fertilizer used by our ancestors for centuries. I'm uncertain as to how anyone ever thought that synthetic fertilizers would benefit our environment, but someone did. Hands down, though, organic fertilizer out shines chemical fertilizers every time.

A little known Gulf fish called the Menhaden is used for its oils and the byproducts make a great fertilizer. And how appropriate is it that Menhaden, loosely translated, means "that which manures", since manure is an excellent fertilizer as well.

A much desired quality of fish emulsion as organic fertilizer is that it offers instant gratification. One misconception many people have is that all organic fertilizers don't act fast enough. True, some organic fertilizers are slow acting but not fish emulsion. Your plants benefit almost immediately after its application. Some other organic fertilizers leave you waiting. Often their ingredients need some time to decompose and release their nutrients. You have to be careful to store fish emulsion at room temperature so that it doesn't degrade before you want it to as it will in excessive heat.

Seedlings are the true benefactors from using fish emulsion as an organic fertilizer because it works as fast as it does. Transplants need special attention too so you don't risk losing any from the shock they may experience moving to their new home. Fish emulsion will help your seedlings roots cling to the nutrient rich soil so transplanting will be a smoother transition than the traumatic experience that could be.

Organic fertilizer doesnt pose the same risks that synthetic fertilizers do. Brown burn spots on the lawn are a problem of the past. Your plants wont be dropping dead from chemical overload.

Yes, fish emulsion has a drawback, it doesn't smell too great. Though a super organic fertilizer, you'll want to exercise caution when using. Try to keep it off your hands and clothes. The lovely aroma will diminish after a short period of time, so don't worry. You won't have to live with it for very long.

Probably the most beneficial fish to use for organic fertilizer is the Menhaden, a tiny, bony fish that isn't caught to eat but caught for their protein and nutrients. They feed on mineral rich plankton in the Atlantic and Caribbean, making them primo for our gardens and lawns.

There is no arguing that fish emulsion is a superior organic fertilizer. Millions of lawns and gardens get their pampering from fish emulsion. The strong smell may be offensive, but it's a small price to pay for the amazing results that will be. The stench will disappear soon enough and your lawn and garden will be as happy as can be, and so will you. Fish emulsion as your primary organic fertilizer is the best thing you can feed your growing green friends. - 29857

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