Build Your Own Electrical Tool Kit

By Scott Rodgers

An electrical tool kit is a necessity as far as rendering a prefect electrical safety schema to your home is concerned. These basic electrical tools would ease the electrical work load on your electrician. Routine electrical inspections make use of these basic electrical tools extensively.

The common domestic electrical fixtures may include the installation of a ceiling fan, checking the electric fuse for current, replacing the plug of a wire, insulation of a wire, inspecting the socket for any short-circuit etc. Such routine electrical tasks require to be handled by you only.

Hence apprehending the pivotal role of an electrical kit in your home, start building your own kit by first buying yourself a large-sized tool box. The casing should be largely of plastic material as plastic is a bad conductor of electricity as well as it is not subjected to corrosion.

Start collecting the instruments by making way for the wiring tools first. It would include the pliers, the screwdrivers and the insulating tapes. The pliers should be purpose-specific and some commonly used plier types such as needle-nose pliers, cutters and slip-joint pliers should be acquired immediately. Furthermore an advice from a local electrician is always handy to go with.

The electrical insulating tapes(generally of vinyl plastic) are used very extensively in a number of domestic electrical assignments ranging from wire dressing to joining the ends of two wires.

Screwdrivers are an essential component in your electrical tools assembly and depending on your needs you can go for a particular screwdriver set. The set should include some basic screwdrivers such as Robertson screwdriver, nut screwdriver and flat head screwdriver.

Once the wiring tools are arranged, the testing tools such as a voltage tester, a digital multimeter and the cable connectors are brought in to the box. To go with these a utility knife( for undressing or tearing the wire insulation) should be reposited as well.

The installation tools(such as a fish tape) must be included only when one has a good knowledge about the wiring installation strategy. Finish off the amassing of the tools by including a first-aid kit, a pair of fire-resistant gloves and a pair of goggles. - 29857

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