Hydroponic Vegetables - 10 Reasons To Grow Hydroponic Vegetables

By Charlie Jackson

You can grow any vegetable you want hydroponically, there are no limits! It's an exciting hobby and you can even make money from it.

The following are benefits of growing hydroponic vegetables.

1. Hydroponic vegetables grow up to 50% quicker than there soil grown cousins. This is because you have full control over the growing conditions which you will have manipulated to be optimum for whatever you're growing.

2. You don't use soil! So you're not confined to growing in a garden or in plant pots. In fact, if you live in a crowded city centre apartment block then it won't make a difference to your ability to grow whatever you want.

3. There can be no soil borne diseases being passed on.

4. You will not have to purchase any expensive pesticides and chemicals to spray on your hydroponic vegetables as there is no soil, no soil loving pests will get close.

5. Once you have your hydroponic vegetables system set up, the running costs are around 20% lower than traditional gardening. You can also make money by selling your quality vegetables.

6. You can grow more vegetables in a smaller area! This is despite your vegetables actually being bigger when grown hydroponically! Their roots will be smaller which will enable this to happen.

7. Maintenance time is practically none existent! All you really need to do is pick your vegetables when they're ready. There is no weeding to be done in hydroponic gardens.

8. The yield is year long because you are in control of the growing environment. It doesn't change just because its winter. You can sell your vegetables at a higher price when it's off season.

9. You can grow your hydroponic vegetables anywhere; conservatory, garden, greenhouse, corridor, bedroom, rooftop, window ledge or cellar.

10. Hydroponic vegetables grow on average 40% larger than soil grown vegetables. This is because they have access to all the nutrients they need and when ever they want them. - 29857

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