Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying A Lawn Tractor

By Andre Hansen

Lawn tractors are way dearer than normal lawn mowers. These machines, which Sears sells for about $2200, have 4 wheels and a seat; the user drives the tractor around the lawn in order to mow it.

Before buying a lawn tractor, it is important that you do research on the web. Some sites are even devoted to compiling lists of unresolved or common grumbles purchasers have made about a selected company or machine. It is also a good idea to chat to friends and neighbors to get a fuller picture of what should be expected when employing a lawn tractor.

Before buying a lawn tractor, it's important that you do research online. A quick Google search for lawn tractors will bring you too many sites offering customer reviews and complaints. Some sites are even dedicated to compiling tallies of unresolved or common grumbles customers have made about a specific company or machine.

If you purchase a lawn tractor, make efforts to take benefit of extended warranties and maintenance agreements. Sears offers a maintenance agreement, in which you pay an additional fee to have a seals service person come to your home and repair your lawn tractor if it should fail to work correctly. The very last thing you need is an overgrown lawn because your seals maintenance representative is unable to make it out to your house for a week or 2, particularly for something minor that would simply be taken care of yourself, like a simple tire replacement.

Sears sells most lawn tractor parts on-site. Even mulching blades, which are the largest machine part, can be purchased for about $60 for a set of 3. Most parts are not tough to install or replace, but again, if you do not feel comfortable, you can request a Sears's technician install a part for you.

Due to the expense, purchasing a lawn tractor isn't a decision that should be regarded lightly. Parts can frequently add up to be as pricey as the machine itself, so take care to get service and maintenance agreements along with your lawn tractor in case it breaks down! Above all, research and think things over before deciding if a lawn tractor is right for your wishes. - 29857

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