Suggestions On Choosing A Bouquet For An Event

By Gary Webb

A trip to a florist for the correct bouquet may be a nerve-racking experience, as every flower shop gives you loads of choices. But as there are meanings and human events associated with every flower, the task of choosing the right flower for a specific occasion becomes easier. If you know what messages are communicated by the different flowers, then you are left with a small set of flowers to choose from, and your choice becomes easy.

Since the Victorian era , and probably even before that, flowers of all kinds have come to represent different feelings. While yellow roses symbolize love that has more friendly and platonic character, the red ones represent love that is genuine and passionate. Colourful carnations and tulips also come under the group of flowers bearing meaning and messages for the people who receive them depending on their colour.

It is traditional and customary to gift bouquets to a couple on their wedding day. Buyers must keep in mind the seasonal and thematic atmosphere of a wedding while purchasing bouquets for the occasion. A nice blend of red and white flowers is ideal for marriages that follow traditional customs, whereas nothing can be better than a bouquet of spring flowers for a springtime wedding.

For birthdays and anniversaries, anything bright and refreshing is generally a good idea, and bouquets made of chrysanthemums, daisies and roses are the hot favourites for such occasion s. For academic achievements like graduation, the choice of flowers should be both cheerful and subtle. Colourful lilies serve the purpose well, and a combination of two to three colours adds an extra flavour to the assortment.

Sombre flowers like white carnations are the most appropriate for an occasion of sorrow, like the recent death of a close acquaintance. By presenting a white bouquet or wreath you wish the soul of the deceased eternal peace. A sick person bound to his or her bed must be presented with a bunch of colourful tropical blooms, as such colours of vitality are seen as wishing for restoration of health and bringing the ailing person back to his feet quickly.

Finding the correct bouquet for the event in a flower shop might seem like something entirely beyond an average person, but advice of a good florist will make the task uncomplicated for you. Any good florist in Singapore will be happy to help the buyer in picking the right flowers for the occasion. - 29857

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