Making of Hand-sewn Braided Rugs

By Benedict Perez

The braided rugs are perfect choices for the heavy-traffic portions of your home. These elegant hand-sewn floor covers are made out of the finest wool. These are the most decorative floor accents you can have. These are usually designed with equally beautiful reversible sides thus allowing you to have options for house accent purposes. The braided style allows these floor covers to be functional even after long-term usage.

The braided rugs provide your home a warm atmosphere and a comfortable feeling that easily suit to any of your room setting to complement your mood. The beauty and grace it offers on your floor simply coordinates with any of your lovely home decors. There are also extra large pieces which can be a warm cover on a spot on your floor where you or the children can laze or sit while watching television or plating board games with the family members. These are additional accents to the pieces of furniture and other fixtures you have around them.

Stains and spilled fluids should be attended immediately to prevent these stains and fluids to embed permanently causing unsightly discoloration on the fibers. If you want deep-soap washing, it is important that you let these floor covers dry thoroughly under the direct heat of the sun before placing them back inside your home. A damp rug often results to unpleasant odor coming out from it. For maintenance and cleaning of braided rugs, it is important to vacuum them for least twice a week to avoid dust accumulation and growth of unwanted allergens particularly the dust mites.

A damp rug is susceptible to absorb dusts and accumulate of dirt which may lead some unpleasant odors. You must observe at all times the proper care of these floor covers to preserve their aesthetic appeal and to prolong their functional life. A dampened underfoot can cause discoloration on the floor area where it is placed.

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