From Home to Home: Relo Advice If Your On The Move

By Steve Scheckner

Planning on moving? There are a lot of factors to consider that may be unique to your situation. Some of us have children, pets, valuable art and lots of plants. Others have a suitcase and a job acceptance letter. Whether it is cross town or cross country a little bit of planning can go a long way.

First, will you be making the move on your own or will you be hiring a moving company? If you are looking to hire a moving company do plenty of research to make sure your belongings will be in good hands. The moving company industry is notorious for being full of scam artists. Please don't be naive, this is one of the easiest ways to get robbed of your hard earned money and belongings, so be very careful about what company you select. The worst place to shop for a moving service is the Internet. The best place to find a reputable moving company is from a referral who has done business with the company in the past. A good resource for selecting moving companies and learning more about moving scams is

If you are doing the move on your own shop around for truck rental specials. You may want to purchase your own moving supplies instead of buying them from the truck rental company. It is common to see low rental rates and very high packing and equipment rates. You will need at least one dolly or hand truck, blankets for furniture and valuables, and an assortment of straps and twine. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly including the tires, wipers, and lights. Organize everything by labeling all of your boxes beforehand.

For all the things you discover you don't need before your move it's time to get rid of. There's no better time to relinquish all of the excess items and obsolete electronics than while you're moving. Charities will often have drop off locations or pick up services to assist you. If you're not feeling charitable, than have a garage sale.

Remember not to make the mistake of packing your important documents. Make all of the necessary phone calls before you leave including utilities, insurance providers and the post office.

Ready to go? It is likely you will spend the entire moving day at home. If you are using a moving service, do not leave them unattended. Don't leave your house until the movers have presented you with a bill of lading and thoroughly review the document. Make sure the drivers have your contact info in case there is an emergency. Get the movers mobile numbers as well so you contact them on the road. Lock all your doors and close your windows for the last time. Say goodbye to all of your neighbors and give them your plants as a farewell gift if your are using a moving company. Now it's time to take a deep breath and to get excited about your future home. - 29857

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