Gardening - Save Money By Growing Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

By Carol Bell

Whether done as a pastime or to help give food, gardening can be a brilliant way to realize a connection to the ground. Many who've been growing their own food for years talk about the advantages of knowing what's used on their plants as a strategy of being warranted it is safe to eat, and are convinced that gardening supplies the best tasting fruit and veg possible.

With no regard for the size of the garden, eating fresh home-made products can help supplement the grocery bill and learning to save the products for later consumption can help in keeping food bills in control through the rest of the year. Gardening tomatoes, as an example is a comparatively simple way to have fresh tomatoes for sandwiches when they arrive in season. Planting twelve or so tomato plants can offer enough to can for later use as well as turning into sauce for pasta and pizza.

In just about each climate, there are vegetables and fruit that can be raised at some point across the growing season. In each part of the country there'll be a difference of the gardening seasons and knowing what grows in which part of the year can be as straightforward as trip to the local library or by conducting a search on the internet.

While very few people will spend hours on end trying to grow vegetables simply for the fun of it, many are finding it can be a stress-free way to spend time in the outdoors tending their plantings. A word of caution though, is that while gardening can be fun, once the harvest is ready to the picked, there has to be some sort of plan as to what will be done with the product.

Making home-made spaghetti sauce can give you a great feeling of accomplishment once the job is done, but the time spent can be very labour intensive. When a person takes on the challenge of gardening, they have to have a plan for the end result. In many cases, most people will end up with more than they can possibly use themselves and instead of allowing it to rot on the vine, they donate the excess to food banks and other charities that can put the food to good use.

There are even some who look upon gardening as nothing more than a hobby and a constructive means of passing their time who donate everything they grow. Working for the benefit of others can make the time and labour of gardening pay off in a different way. - 29857

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